Carpet Cleaning Methods

Having your carpet cleaned is one way of maintaining it. There are many different types of carpet cleaning methods. However, what most people do not understand is that some types of carpets need specific cleaning methods. It is because of its fibers; they are not the same on every carpet. It means that you cannot use just any cleaning method or any stain remover as you might end up damaging your carpet. It is important to do some research on the type of carpet you have before cleaning it. Do not hire any cleaning company before knowing what method they use and whether the detergents they use are compatible with your carpet type or not.

Learn about the cleaning methods elucidated below to make the right choice for your carpet.

Here are some of the most useful carpet-cleaning methods:

  • Shampooing

During shampooing, detergents are poured directly onto the carpet. Then, a machine agitates the cleanser. A vacuum is used to extract the cleanser, making the carpet look very bright and shiny. Normally, shampooing is the least effective of all carpet-cleaning methods because the detergents are used only to make it seem bright. It does not extract the dirt that is deep down. This method can be used on occasions when you have visitors and you want the carpet to shine knowing that you will clean it afterward anyway.

  • Dry cleaning Carpet

Most people prefer this method because it does not require much time for drying like the other methods. A special cleaning powder is sprinkled on the floor. It extracts dirt from the carpet after which it is sucked up by a vacuum. The carpet becomes spotless and looks as good as new. Some companies have made slight modifications to this method by using an oxygenated cleanser that helps in the removal of dirt from the base.




  • Foam Carpet cleaning

This method applies a little to both; shampooing and dry cleaning techniques. It uses some foam and a little water. The foam extracts dirt and harmful fibers from the carpet. It is a suitable method for tough carpets because of the nature of the foam and vacuum quality.

  • Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

This is the method used mostly in commercial buildings because of the amount of carpeting inside them. It does not leave the carpets sparkling clean because of the high traffic it has to confront. A chemical detergent is spread on the carpet. Then an absorbent pad is applied on a rotary machine that sucks up the dirt. The carpets will look fresh and clean although all the dirt is not extracted.

  • Steam carpet cleaning

It is the most popular carpet cleaning technique and it is widely used. However, it uses a lot of water, that soaks deep into the pad. The excessive water may even damage the carpet. This method needs to be used properly and less frequently. It works well if you have a powerful machine pouring hot water and the cleanser deep into the carpet. The machine will then extract the cleanser through a powerful suction.

From this, you can see that the cleaning methods vary. Learn them before choosing one if you want to take good care of your carpet.


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