Things To Consider When Choosing An Area Rug

An area rug is a great thing to consider if you are going to redecorate. Here you will see some suggestions on how to use area rugs to add style to your home, while also giving your room extra floor protection.

If you have hardwood floors and are worried about protecting them, then area rugs are an excellent choice. You will not only get protection, but you can create a different look quickly and with a dramatic effect, adding variety and style to your environment. They come in different brands, colors, and styles to help you in making the right choice about the type that would be best for your situation. Here are some suggestions that should be considered before deciding on an area rug type:


  • One of the major advantages you will get with area rugs is the variety of shapes they come in. There are oval or round, square and rectangular rugs, and some are even irregular shapes. The shape will, of course, be an important aspect of your choice as the space you want to cover will dictate the shape and the type of effect you want to have.
  • So what form should you choose and what size? The key here is not to overwhelm, so select a size and shape that enhances your mood and blends well. Remember that an area rug is not meant to serve as your carpet or cover full floors. Think of a small area, but with a big impact. Rectangular or square objects tend to provide more definition, while round objects tend to add flow. So the easy question here is: do you want to keep the flow or add a more important definition? If you go with the flow, make sure that the carpet mixes well with the color scheme of the room. If you go to the definition route, you may want to go for a color contrast with the rest of the surroundings.
  • Carpets can soften the appearance and look of the floor. However, the great thing about rugs is that you can make changes quickly that you could not do if you had carpets. In addition, they are a great way to keep your floor sections warm in winter if you have hardwood floors or tiles, especially a shag rug that is soft, cozy and luxurious.



  • Another aspect of rugs to consider is the pattern. No matter what color the rug is, design and rug type can make a big difference in displaying a strong impact. Again, think about the effect you would like to create in terms of flow and definition. Some models will flow, while others will give a definition. Some models may be simple but very effective in terms of impact, while other models may be somewhat complex but may create less impact. Therefore, consider your overall goal in choosing a particular model.
  • But what about colors? Of course, it is subject to personal taste, but here are some basic rules. Earthly effects might not influence you much. Though beige, brown, and tan are forms of colors that do tend to show strength, they can come across as boring if not accented with brighter colors. If you are interested in a great impact, then red, some shades of green, some shades of blue, and even black can do the job.



  • The type of rug material is of equal importance like shape, color, and pattern. Climate would be a determining factor here. Some materials do quite well in dry and warm weather. Others not so good. Your choice will always be a triumph for any other factor but when it comes to the type of material, a certain level of practicality is required, regardless of your choice. Some materials are more suitable for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Some will take more care, such as wool carpets and chenille carpets. A good idea is to discuss this with a professional, given your particular situation.

If you are looking to add pizazz or more practice to your floor inside or outside, area rugs can provide style, protection, and variety for any area in your home. The most vital thing you can do is to know correctly what effect you want to create and the level of functionality you are looking for. Then you will be sure that you will find a type of rug to suit any combination of style and functionality.

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